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Why Happy Dolls?

Because they're over 80-years old. Try to reach this age without problems, especially if you have bisque head.

Because they were created by talented sculptors and artists, they were dressed in the last doll fashions, they were exceptional purchase and expensive gift.

Because children were playing with them, kissing their porcelain and bisque cheeks, sleeping hugging  them, sharing with them joy and sorrow, loving them in spite of their shabby coiffure and body and head cracks.

Dolls keep this children's love and are ready to share it with us.

Because the real dolls' happiness is to give a joy.

My name is Natalia Kurochkina, I'm a doll collector. I have various dolls at home - Blythes, Pullips, Tonners, Mooqlas... Such a variety, it's funny, isn't it? But the Main, BIG, Endless Love belongs to antique dolls. There are over 200 of them. They're incredible creatures, you see.

I'm not a dealer or professional expert or restorer. Nothing professional, I'm self-taught person, I got all my knowledge and skills from books and personal experience.


At first I knew nothing about antique dolls. Zero. Moreover, I didn't know they even exist. Maybe it sounds strange for you, but such was life in USSR. After 1917 Revolution all signs of bourgeois culture, including  toys and dolls, were destroyed. Single families were able to keep their own history through Civil War and WWII. But the huge quantity of dolls was lost. Why keep old doll when you have nothing to eat? Only some museums have antique dolls in their expositions. So antique dolls are quite rare here, but now, with the advent of Internet, antique doll collectors can find objects of their passion. And antique doll collecting in Russia gets up, fortunately.


Since I fell in love with antique dolls I wanted them. But I was afraid to buy them because of lack of knowledge. There are no books about antique dolls in Russian at all. Well, I know two ones, they're just survey of dolls theme, with a lot of mistakes. So I started buying English books and tried to translate them. At first translation of a single article took several days, now, after buying  more than 100 doll books, I can read English easily.  The magic power of love, indeed!


Sometimes dolls have condition issues - eyes, broken during shipping, body chips, cracks, terrible synthetic gowns and so on. And I started to learn how to restore and dress dolls by myself. Successfully, I hope.


In a short time I found myself  involved in some public work - popular blog and then site, interviews, articles in magazines, wide correspondence and contacts all over world... And as a main result I and my friends started to run the first Russian magazine about antique dolls.  This was the big step.

For some reason I prefer to drift with the current, I'm sure, my fortune knows better ways to go. What will be next?


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