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Russian «Antique Doll» Magazine

The first magazine about antique dolls in Russian.

May be it seems strange for you, but Russian antique doll collectors never had neither books, nor magazines about antique dolls in Russian before. It’s very difficult to complete collections without information whereas the most of doll books is written in English, you know. And now we try to fill this vacuum and start to run the first Russian magazine. It named «Antikvarnaya Kukla» that means «Antique Doll» in English. And its website has English and German pages!


Сайт antikvarnaya-kukla.ru

Who we are? Just only three persons!

  • Editor-in-chef: Alexandra Novikova, doll collector and researcher.
  • Editor: Natalia Kurochkina, doll collector and researcher, personal site: www.happydolls.ru 
  • Art-director: Olga Kopylova, collector, restorer, designer and photographer, personal site: www.retrophotomaster.ru


… And not only three persons. We receive the great help from our friends – Russianspeaking doll collectors all over the World. They wish to have their own magazine in Russian so strong! And we appreciate their help so much.


• If you have any interesting articles of photographs for publishing (in English, German or French)

• or you wish to place your advertisement in our magazine

– please feel free to contact us.

NB: all materials must relate to antique dolls theme.


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"Antique Doll" Magazine