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Варим клей и грунтВарим клей и грунт

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• Do you love carved wooden dolls? Or maybe you adore the 18th century's fashion? You want to see something special? You have to read Noble Dolls by Vita Soyka! It's for you!


 Articles and Interviews for other sites and magazines:

January 2013

My article about Kley & Hahn character doll "Wahre Schönheit: Der Charme der Kley & Hahn 546" in the famous German magazine about dolls and toys "PUPPEN & Spielzeug" (# 01/13).


September, 2012

Interview for «Business Excellence» magazine. Sorry, it's only in Russian, but there're some good photos.


May, 2012

27th. Interview for largest Russian Internet-portal about dolls www.DollPlanet.ru. It's in Russian, but it's very large and interesting, you can use on-line translator.