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Вышел 29-й номер журнала!





Все тексты и фотографии - мои, если не указано иное. 

Вы можете свободно использовать материалы моего сайта на интернет-ресурсах при условии сохранения ватермарка на фотографиях, указания авторства текстов и фотографий и создании рабочей ссылки на этот сайт. 

Для использования материалов в печатных изданиях и в других коммерческих целях необходимо письменное согласование. 

The main events I took part in:

March 2013

7-10 - Spring Doll Salon - including exhibition of my antique and repro dolls.


January 2013

My article about Kley & Hahn character doll "Wahre Schönheit: Der Charme der Kley & Hahn 546" in the famous German magazine about dolls and toys "PUPPEN & Spielzeug" (# 01/13).


October, 2012

25-28 - Art of Doll International Doll Show, Moscow. Wooden carved dolls by Vita Soyka and special guests: twin dolls by David and Paul (The Old Pretenders).

04-07 - VIII International Doll Show, Moscow (in Russian, but lot of photos)


September, 2012

Interview for «Business Excellence» magazine. Sorry, it's only in Russian, but there're some good photos.


May, 2012

27thInterview for largest Russian Internet-portal about dolls www.DollPlanet.ru. It's in Russian, but it's very large and interesting, you can use on-line translator.

19th. Regional scientific-practical Conference «War and Peace: the History of Costume», dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the Russia's victory in the Patriotic War of 1812, with the report «Dolls as a reflection of the Patriotic War of 1812».


June, 2011

In the Playing Rooms. Alexandrovsky Palace's exhibition. Reconstruction of doll and toy stuff of Playing Rooms of Grand Duke Alexis and Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia.


Winter 2010/11 

My article «Noble Dolls by Vita Soyka» was published in the magazine «Doll World» № 05/10 (33).


October, 2010

VI International Doll Salon, Moscow. Featuring my antique doll collection and small part of toy collection of Alexandrovsky Palace related to Tsar's children.


June, 2010

300-years Anniversary of Tsar's Village (Tsarskoye Selo). Toys and antique dolls small exhibition in honour of Alexandrovsky Palace's Grand Opening.