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Art of Doll - III

Moscow International Doll Show

October 25 - 28, 2012

Our booth. Wooden carved dolls by Vita Soyka. Completely handmade including paints and priming coating. 



Russian Tsarina Elisabeth (Tsar Peter the Great 's daughter). On the front on left - Charlotte, the first author's doll experience. On the right - Louise, now she's mine.

Russian Tsarina Elisabeth.

She has removable shoes!


 Three dolls - Maria-Antoinette, Elisabeth and Maria-Theresia - has mask face and very special wig mount. This method of wig mounting was involved in early 19th century. For details you can visit author's Livejournal


And on Saturday we have special guests! They are amazing twins made by David Chapman & Paul Robinson (The Old Pretenders) for my friend Elena. Their touching story was spread around all Russian doll internet! Every our visitor in this day wished to hold them in hands.


The main part of Doll Show was dedicated to art dolls, but I found two corners with antique ones!

Here're boudoir doll of 1920s.

And some showcases with automatons from private collection of David Jacobashvili. As for me, I don't interested in automatons...


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Art of Doll - 2012